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pracsis psychology

Psychology of the Third Age


The greatest experience many changes and you have to deal with a crisis of life. Often these crises exceed the person and those around them, needing help to overcome the suffering, adapt appropriately to new situations and to avoid adverse consequences that may aggravate or impact adversely on their health.

To work with this stage of life, we have designed a program with the aim of developing skills biopsychosocial and promote active ageing with success to reduce the problems associated with low self-esteem, isolation, and loneliness.

  • Develop strategies to help older adults maintain their independence.
  • Strengthen the self-concept and self-esteem, the correction of ways of seeing reality derived from the cognitive patterns of their own.
  • To raise awareness and promote skills to cope with the processes of social influence.
  • Promote capacity planning for the future, through the formation of the solution of problems related to changes throughout life.
  • To clarify the myths and realities of aging

Another part of the program is based on the training to caregivers, technical staff, etc., with the aim of helping them to:

  • To identify the problems facing today's seniors (the pain, the loneliness, sexuality, etc.) and enhance different ways to solve problems
  • Recognize the importance of older people in the way that contribute to citizenship.
  • Identify and relate the different aspects and social development in old age, health (diseases, limitations, etc.)